Questions & Answers about Kimono, on Youtube video



Q & A

Hi guys,

The other day I created this video about how you wear Kimono for men. And many comments were made to ask questions about Kimono. So I gathered and summarized the questions and answers.

Q. the juban is optional??

A. No. Everytime you wear Kimono, you should wear juban under kimono. Otherwise it’ll be interpreted as you wearing yukata instead of Kimono.

Q. Hello, can you say a name of the music, please??

A. Hi, this music is what I created for this video as background music. here it is 🙂

Q. nice thanks for the tips but i have some question about the obi cause i see that girls have a node in the back when you plaice it

A. ok, if you make a comment here or email me, I could answer.

Q. how would you wear it if the kimono is a bit longer? I’m a bit short for it……. I need help and btw this video is very useful

A. If you’re a man and the kimono size is different, you shouldn’t wear it or should order to fix the size. What part is longer like bottom or sleeve? If bottom is a little longer, you could roll a stomach part inside Obi belt. 😉

Q. Can a non Japanese where this? ( I’m Australian but living in Kyoto)?

A. Of course they can wear kimono even if they’re non japanese 🙂 Especially we often see foreigners wear kimon and walk outside in Kyoto. You can contact me when you visit Tokyo 😉

Q. I love this tutorial! I’m just fascinated with the Japanese culture! However I’m African American and I was wondering if it were to be ok for me to wear kimono? People here in America say it’s racist. 🙁 I really wanna wear one?

A. so you live in America and people there may say that’s bad? Well, I hope you can wear it and it’s alright 😉

Q2. It definitely depends on the group of people you’re with/around. From what I’ve heard, you’re more likely to get odd looks/assistance from Japanese individuals if worn wrong than have someone being offended by you wearing the  kimono wrong.

A2. I see some people feels it’s odd but some people feel it’s ok. Yes, if you wear kimono in a very wrong way, you may look odd. But the wrong part isn’t that big, it’s ok and you don’t have to be perfect 😉


Also, many people praised the video and I summarized it as follows.

  • very beautiful. thank you for sharing
  • Many thanks for this video! I Brought two Kimonos from Japan and I was trying to learn how to tie the obi! You explained it very well!
  • It’s an elegant, refined outfit that reminds me of a classical western formal suit and its code of wearing. The collars, the fold, the tie, and all that. I suppose the desire to codify and refine fashion is universal.
  • thanks I have a history project on Asia and I did kimono and some yukata
  • Am wesring it on my birthday. So excited and its so beautiful
  • Very elegant ,arigatugozaimasu
  • it’s beautiful
  • i loooooove it!!!!!!
  • So handsome
  • Simple and practical. You teach very well. Arigatou Gozaimasu!!!
  • Sugoi! So fast! I usually take 15 minutes ~ and I wear kimono everyday …

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