Event Not to wear Kimono, every month, somewhere in Tokyo, with Kimono shop owner.

original (2)参照:tabelog.com

Everybody is a beginner at the beginning.

As you may know, Kimono culture is getting small nowadays. So many of people who love kimono, hold events like ‘hey get dressed with kimono and get together!’, but this doesn’t work well though I used to do it some years ago.

This is because people with no experience of Kimono, don’t have kimono, don’t know how to wear it, don’t know where to buy and what to buy, don’t know what price is appropriate.

So a new idea came up on my head; I hold an event where people gather without kimono (with Western style clothes), and talk about the above points.

I started this last year and have been doing it once every month somewhere in Tokyo like Starbucks. In the beginning only one person came but recently 8 to  9 people come.

Even though my job is a kimono shop but you don’t have to pay for the event, because I think I need to cultivate this shrinking kimono market first.

If you live around Tokyo and are interested in Kimono/Japanese culture, you could make a comment or send a message on Facebook Page , or email me.

This time we’ll go to the restaurant.



original (2)参照:tabelog.com


  • Reservation necessary: Please make a comment or send a message on Facebook Page , or email me.
  • Date: 2016/7/23(Sat) 6PM start. 3 hour seat.
  • Place. MishMish @ Ginza
  • Fee: What you eat.
  • Dress code: None. Kimono/western doesn’t matter.