Q & A about kimono for men Vol. 5



Q. I was wondering something, it’s about the belts… if you’re going to eat or sit down or something while wearing a kimono, won’t those belts being so tightened, make your belly hurt or have bad digestion? Just curious since you seemed to tighten them up very hard haha. Maybe it’s just might imagination, but i’m still curious.

A. Ah good question 🙂 I sit down and stand up many times while I wear kimono, but I haven’t felt that way by sitting down. I think that’s because the tightened part is not the center of waist but it’s the bottom area of waist. It’s like putting your stomach on the belt. When I first started to wear kimono, I didn’t know this trick and had kinda stomach ache when I wore kimono all day.



Q. I’m looking to buy a haori or something of Japanese origin for my husband. We have a Japanese wedding to attend and would like to dress in Japanese outfits. Can you suggest where I can buy one or do you sell it? I’m looking for a yukata for myself.

A. I make and sell kimono but it’s order-made and expensive, so I would recommend another shop to sell ready-made products. If you search by “kimono men” on rakuten global, you can find some products; http://global.rakuten.com/en/search/?k=kimono+men&l-id=search_regular

What do you think? 😉

Also, as for your yukata,




Q. Can you make a DIY video of a men’s yukata or kimono?

A. Well, I’m sorry but the length of such a video would be more than two hours if I explain how you make kimono/yukata. It takes so much time. Making Obi belt doesn’t take that time so maybe I could make a video for obi 🙂


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