Authentic Japanese cloth's pattern. From baby to Adult,
All size to make
Without learning Japanese sewing,
you can make authentic Japanese clothes with pattern and sewing machine.
According to your favorite fabric and color,
you can make your own Japanese cloth.
There are 5 kinds from yukata to hakama.
Latest Info
Aug 1st 2023 Now on sale: Simple Half Juban & Jinbei
June 3rd 2023 Now kimono pattern is available for wide body. You can specify size and purchase at Customized Kimono
May 28th 2023 Machi of haori is now available.
Kimono & Yukata

Let's get started with this first one.


Next is haori after making kimono done.


You can make it with small fabrics.

Half juban

This is Half Juban. Let's try and choose a comfortable fabric, and tailor.


This is a skirt-type hakama (行灯袴).

Simple half juban & jinbei

This is a simple structure without Okumi part. It becomes top half of jinbei by adding straps.