Q & A about kimono for men Vol. 4

Hi, as usual, I copy and paste Q&A from my youtube comments.


This is not about kimono, but I was asked about tofu, lol.

Q: May I ask you… how much tofu do people normally eat? How often during a week?

A: I eat tofu almost everyday. it’s cheap. I buy it twice or three times a week.


Q1: can I wear作務衣(Samue) as the Juban?

A1: 1. If it’s casual situation, yes. For men kimono, the basic purpose of juban in appearance is to show collar. Samue also has its collar, so you can show Samue’s collar instead of Juban’s collar. But if it’s formal, the material of Samue is too casual and people around you will notice you don’t wear Juban through your sleeves and bottom edge.


Q2: does作務衣(Samue) goes with作業袴(SagyouBakama)or野袴(NoBakama)?

A2: 2. Kind of Yes. Top half of samue looks similar to normal kimono, except for string of Samue. Maybe people won’t notice actually you wear Samue. Especially SagyouBakama is used for casual situations like cleaning, and NoBakama is like for riding a horuse, so people wouldn’t care 🙂


Good luck for your kimono life! 😀

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