Q & A about kimono for men Vol. 2

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I get some questions and answer them every week, and am sharing them so people around the world can know it.

It seems that there’s no detailed information about how you wear and coordinate kimono and yukata in English.

Q. Juban means underwear? So in the old times, no underwear on the bottom? right?

A. Yes, Juban does mean underwear. But yes, people do wear underwear on the bottom, which is Suteteko. It looks like this; http://www.uniqlo.com/us/search.html?q=steteco


Q. Should the tabi (socks) colour match the nagajuban collar colour? I only have white tabis and black nagajuban..

A. Oh there’s no rule and you should wear what you want. But let’s think of it from coordinate perspective; what if you wear black tie and white socks in western fashion? I don’t think that coordination isn’t bad, though there may be other better coordination. It’s up to you 😀


Q. Could you show how to fold a yukata/kimono and other cloth. Does the Yukata need to be iron before folding. (How to iron) Arigatō gozaimasu

A. Well, you can wear Yukata without a juban. Usually we don’t wear a juban in yukata. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERQ8JKuqMxs This is how you fold a yukata/kimono for men in Japanese but what do you think?

We hang yukata/juban on a hanger right after washing, and you don’t have to iron because it becomes straight because of its weight when it’s wet. But if you still see wrinkle on yukata/kimono, this is how you iron. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKxoxZ-OOmc


Q1. I have recently bought a second-hand kimono to wear during tea-ceremony, but I have a few doubts. Can I ask you a couple of question? When you wear a hakama on your kimono, do you have to wear necessarily a haori too?

A1. No, it’s not necessary. you can wear hakama without haori and visa versa.
But as you may know, in a tea ceremony room, it’s rule to take off your haori before going into the root, and to wear hakama always from your home to the room.

Q2. And does your hakama cover all the obi, or do you leave a little bit out just to show it under the hakama?

A2. The latter is correct. Please show a little bit of obi. FYI, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ7Rd9wSV3Y

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