Q & A about kimono for men Vol. 3


I got two more questions on the youtube, and am sharing the answer here.

Q: So interesting, thanks! Who wears the kimono nowadays? When is it normal to wear it? Thank you very much in advance.

A: Hi Sandra, thank you for the compliment 🙂 Nowadays a part of Japanese still wear it usually and all of Japanese sometimes face occasions to wear kimono.

A part of Japanese: we just like to wear it and go everywhere like cafe and even a workplace! 😀 Another part of Japanese: we learn Japanese culture like tea ceremony and traditional dance and, arrow sport. In order to correctly behave and move our bodies according to the culture, we have to wear kimono. Especially how you walk is totally different from when you wear western cloth.

Sometimes all of Japanese: when you want to have Japanese style wedding, you have to wear kimono, both of husband and wife. And when you grow up and your age is 3, 5 and 7, you go to shrines to celebrate the growth. There the children have to wear kimono generally.


Q: can you wear it without the haori?

A: Yes, you can. Generally it’s more formal to wear haori, but you don’t have to in a casual situation. It’s like you wear a jacket at a formal restaurant or ceremony in western culture. Also, there’s a special rule that you should NOT wear haori in a tea ceremony room though it’s formal.


I hope they’ll help you understand more about kimono 🙂