Authentic hakama pattern.
For men & women,
All size to make
Without learning Japanese sewing,
you can make authentic hakama with pattern and sewing machine.
According to your favorite fabric and color,
you can make your own kimono. There are pleats lines on the pattern and it is easy to make it.
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Latest Info
Aug 1st 2023 Now on sale: Simple Half Juban & Jinbei
June 3rd 2023 Now kimono pattern is available for wide body. You can specify size and purchase at Customized Kimono
May 28th 2023 Machi of haori is now available.
Your favorite fabric
You're free to use
any color, pattern and
fabric for hakama.
Print out pattern
from PDF
Paper pattern is formatted as PDF.
Video tutorial
How to make hakama
Size table

*草履: Zori, sandals. ブーツ: boots
* There is no waist board on women's hakama.
Necessary Fabric Length
Front fabric and back fabric are horizontally wide, and are within 110cm vertically.
Therefore we use 110cm-wide fabric horizontally.
Let's choose fabric without horizontal stretch.

The following table is necessary length of every part.
Male boy130257cm
Male SS310cm
Male S318cm
Male M318cm
Male L318cm
Male LL318cm
Female S361cm
Female M376cm
Female L376cm
Female LL399cm

Purchase & Download Pattern
* The pattern is sent to your email within one day after purchase.
Files except for PDF are available as a sample.
This is Adult Men L size.
Tricks of printing
Be careful of the following points to print out in a correct size.
  1. Gray scale printing.
  2. Actual Size
  3. Vertical
  4. Size A4
This shop has no Macintosh environment and this is based on Apple company's help, and is the result that the customer tested.
According to https://support.apple.com/ja-jp/guide/mac-help/mh26678/mac,
it seems to print our in the size closest to the actual size when set 100% size.
Paper size is A4.
1.Print out all PDF files.
* "sode.pdf" is for sleeves and please print out 2 times for left and right.
* A solid line is a finihsed line, a dotted line is a seam allowance line, and a double dotted line is a fold line.
2.Paste the same alphabet and nuber of each other such as "A1" and "A1" by scotch tape.
3.Fold edge of one side along with dotted line.
Fix the fabric and the paper pattern by marking pins.
4.Cut off fabric and paper pattern along with dotted line.

Q & A
Please feel free to email info@wkimono.tokyo for inquiry and request before and after purchase.
Basially I reply within 1 to 2 days.
Lines are thick. Where in this line is correct, inside, center, outside? I'm going to use it by tracing it.
Center is correct. Theoretically correct position is center, and that's magnified. Strictly speaking, inside and outside are wrong.
Why should I sew both of pater pattern and fabric instead of tracing lines to fabric?
The target of this paper patter is beginners without experience. For experienced users, please use this paper pattern as you prefer such as tracing lines on your own.
I have no experience of sewing. Can I do that?
Yes. This pattern was made for beginners. Please contact me if you face a problem or have a question while making. info@wkimono.tokyo.
I am too tall / small / thin / big. How can I change the pattern?
You could purchase this Customized Pattern. If your body doesn't fit the size table of S to L, you can customize and change the pattern. Please email info@wkimono.tokyo to tell your preferred size, or consult how you customize it.
Purchase & Download Pattern
* The pattern is sent to your email within one day after purchase.
Customer's work

Nov 29th 2022
This is a work made by the high school student on his own, who is not used to sewing! This is very beautifully made. He said he would use it for the archery club. It sounds like fun to do archery with his favorite cloth.

May 17th 2023
This customer is all the way from Northern Europe. He wanted a costume for the game's cosplay, but wanted it to be authentic. So he chose to make the hakama from the pattern. It's neatly sewn with beautiful lines.

Sewing example & Wearing picture