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Out of Japan, information about kimono may be not enough. I, this kimono shop owner, learned English in New Zealand and the US, and I would like to share Japanese culture with people in the world in English.
I have learned tea ceremony in the past, and learn Japanese dance and Japanese sewing now.
What I want to do is to take such culture into my daily life, and that makes my heart soft and calm.
I hope to enjoy kimono life with everybody.
Latest Info
Aug 1st 2023 Now on sale: Simple Half Juban & Jinbei
June 3rd 2023 Now kimono pattern is available for wide body. You can specify size and purchase at Customized Kimono
May 28th 2023 Machi of haori is now available.
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Paper Pattern

Easy pattern. You can make Japanese cloth without knowledge.

Daily Kimono Dictionary

Collected know-how. (Written in Japanese)


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